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"Thank you for your service! I have been with my new employer for about 4 weeks and I have learned a lot from them. I plan to stay with them as long as possible. THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME TO FIND THIS JOB!""I received an email from an employer seconds after I placed my resume on your site. It's a great avenue for employers and job seekers!"
"Thanks, Mr. Henry, for your quick response to my resume. I have checked out your website several times and found it to be very helpful. Thanks again for your time and consideration.""Awesome website. You have the most up to date jobs on the internet. Thank You"
"I happened upon ACT a few months ago and posted my resume. The very next day I received a match for a General Manager position and made an inquiry. The Dealer contacted me and after several phone interviews and a visit to his location I am employed at this wonderful store working with a fabulous dealer. Thank you, ACT. More opportunity awaits at this location and I believe I have found a lifetime job with this organization."

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